Want the full-length CD-quality versions?



You can access the full-length CD-quality versions by dDownloading them from a personalized access page.

I will give you a personalized URL (web address) of a web page which will allow you to download all versions of the answering machine messages:

  • shortened, low-quality 11kHz versions (same as what you can download now)
  • full-length CD-quality 44kHz versions in .wav (ADPCM compressed) format
  • full-length CD-quality 44kHz versions of the files in MP3 format


OK, how much?



All I'm asking is that after you receive the personalized access link and are happy with it, you donate US$5 (or equivalent currency) to a charity, and it can be any recognised charity organisation you want.

That's all!!

I will have no way of knowing whether you actually give the money to charity or not, but if you want to take advantage of this, then it's your choice. If you do make the donation, then it'd be nice if you'd let me know. Whatever you do, don't send me any money, unless you want ME to give it to charity on your behalf.

If you think any of the above amounts is too much (even though it's all for charity) or if you can't afford so much, then write to me and I'll see if I can cut you a special deal.

If you think the above amounts are too little or if you're feeling extra-generous, then I'm not going to stop you donating more! :)



Is this for real?


If you're still in doubt, listen to others who have done it before you:

(Note: previously I also offered a CD, but sometimes my delivery was too slow cos of work commitments, so I've decided not to offer it anymore)

Name: john chafer
From: leigh essex
Message left at: 8.25 AM - sat 15 dec 2001

brilliant thats all I can say, even my mother in law, is singing along afterwards when she phones up.
worth every penny to charity

Name: Snip Slater
From: North East England
Message left at: 6.49 PM - tue 11 dec 2001

Excellent choice of tunes KL! very,very impressed with the quality of the recordings.....all this and they're bloody funny too!. Keep up the good work, I think that this is a great idea to raise money for charity.

Name: Byron Hardman
From: Bolton, England
Message left at: 3.26 PM - fri 1 jun 2001

Your CD was very professional, Funny, Serious, A melodic masterpiece, What more can i say otherthan i wish that i had done it. Keep up the good work for charity, A great web site too!!.

Name: Mike
From: Outback, Wales
Message left at: 10.12 AM - thu 1 nov 2001

Since downloading and putting messages on my machine I've had some very bizarre replies left, which are themselves amusing. KL, What a gift you have and how generous you are with it.
If you are reading this and thinking about donating - do so and you will be well rewarded.

Name: Paul Gooch
From: Grays, Essex. UK
Message left at: 10.42 PM - fri 12 oct 2001

Well, what can I say. Everyone loves these messages on my mobile, home line and work line. Well everyone except my mother in law, but that is her problem! :) I donated 25 UK to obtain download access and for a CD, and you have got to admit, it is well worth it. So common everyone, dig deep. Get your CD today! Paul

Name: Stuart
From: Melbourne, Australia
Message left at: 1.49 PM - fri 21 sep 2001

Get a CD, donate to your charity and have a great laugh. Well done KL. Best site on the net for this sort of thing. Check out the Friends message.Magic.

Name: Joanne
From: Dublin, Ireland
Message left at: 1.19 PM - wed 8 aug 2001

Very Good messages - much better quality than i expected.
I'm famous for my funny messages but these are going down a treat!

Name: Kas
Website: http://www.silurus.co.uk
From: UK - East Anglia
Message left at: 11.48 PM - wed 13 jun 2001

Bloody Cool - Given download access for a donation to charity - Now people don't have to listen to my very boring "excuses" because I'm not in. - Go on and do it - this guy and the charity thing is genuine

See other guest messages.


What next?



If you are willing to make the donation, then this is what you should do:

  • Send me an email, telling me: (1) which charity you will donate the US$5 to; and (2) the personalized name you want to appear on your personalized page - either your full name (eg., "John Doe", or something very unique "Big Bad John");
  • When you've received your personalized link, make sure everything works, and you're happy with it;
  • Send your donation to your chosen charity.
  • Finally, email me to let me know you've made the donation, and LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK ON MY GUESTBOOK!


If the email link doesn't work, my email address is KL@oohyeahzone.com .



Charity Suggestions


If you want a really easy and convenient way to donate, then here are some suggestions as to who you can donate to:


Why don't you just gimme all you got!!

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